Monday, March 7, 2011

weightloss update march 7,2011

well i have started another phase of my bootcamp monday february 28th, 2011.It was nice going back to the bootcamp after being gone from it for about 3 weeks. that first day back was very diffficult to get through. but i survived at the end.

i have realized that the forged fit camp in omaha, nebraska is a great boot camp to be involved in. Joe and travis are very helpful whether it be with nutrition, workouts, support. i love the variety of the workouts. some of the exercises are the battleing ropes, joging in the pit, trying to jump over the balance beams,resistant band exercises, kettle bell exercises, different animal exercises,trying to improve my burpees,almost forgot the turkish get ups. what i miss since i am at a gymnastics place instead of their gym forged the prowler and running with tires. with the variety of interrvals the workouts we do you never know from day to day what they are going to surprise us with. for examples 20/10, 30/30,45/10, 50/10 , or the ladder 15, 30, 45, 60,minute break 60, 45, 30, 15

the first week i was down 2 pounds. it was nice to see that.

with my workouts i have also been more consistant with drinking my body by vi shakes. i have been adding the powder mix to almond milk and blending it up alot of berries. this week it has been strawberries, and blackberries. when i first started making the shakes i would just have it plain. i have learned with time how much better they are with fruit blended in them. and my first thought was i dont have time to make the shake but in reallity it takes no time at all.

it has now been a month that i havn't had any pop. at first i didnt think i would be able to stop drinking the pop. i dont really miss it like i thought i would.

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