Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9,2011 update

Since my last post this is what has been going on.

I am still doing my bootcamp 4 times a week foe 3 weeks. With 1 week off at the end to rest. Then i have 1 personal training session a week on my off day of bootcamp. I do for the most part take the weekends off from exercisng. But with my part time job on the weekends i average walking for the whole weekend about 20 to 23 miles.

I know I still need to impove on this aspect. I am still doing the body by vi shakes.

I am no longer weating the boot for my heel pain now for about 4 weeks. thank goodness. As for my knee it does bother me from time to time. I know when I have done to much. Then i just rest for a couple of days then Im good to go. I know my knee will continute to heal with time and with more and more weight I end up losing will help to.

I have also been thinking about my progress over the past year with one of my trainers. He told me to ask myself some basic but vital questions. If you are struggling with anything you too can ask yourself these same questions. Maybe you can learn something about yourself while doing this also.

1)Why do you want to lose weight?
2)why have you stayed so long in the same spot you are in today?
3)what is holding you back?


why do i want to lose weight? to live a healthier life style. when i am older i dont want to be dependant on meds. so far i have been lucky. i have only had to take blood pressure meds off and on. right now i am good without them. to live a happier life style. meaning i am already happy with what i have accomplished but want to see that grow when i get closer and closer to my ultimate goal. that will mean a big reward that i want to happen sometime next year medically. a necessary surgery.

why have i stayed at this level for a year? i didnt stay focused enough on my nutrtion. like i did with my workouts. when i would have a week i gained weight i would dwell to much on the gain instead of thinking what do i need to change from last week to make this next week progressive. i quit writing my daily nutrtion down. starting tomorrow i am going to start this back up. it does make me pay closer attention to my nutrtion. because seeing the bad nutrtion written on the paper i am able to see what needs to improve next week. versus not writting it down and forgetting what you actually ate today. i also know taking the measurements monthly does help. which i havent been doing that every month. to continuously updating my weightloss blog to hold me more accountable for my up and downs. everybody has good weeks and bad weeks.

what is holding me back? wanting to push myself full strength but not being able to because of either pain in my knee or heel. or when it is feeling better reinjuring it. but i also am realizing that i need to go as hard as i can when not in pain. and when there is pain present throttle back a little bit. also when i do lose the excess weight i will be better off to. other than that there isnt really anything holding me back. i just got lazy and didn't pay attention. I do have fear in the back of my mind of what to expect when I reach my weightloss goal.

With being asked those questions it was perfect timing. why do I say that it was the begining of a new phase of bootcamp. so I figured this will be my phase to shine. and see progress. I did start week 1 off good. Week 2 didnt start off like i would have wanted it to. I am currently sick with broncitis so needless to say I have quit exercising. I pretty much right now don't have much extra energy also I am coughing a lot. I am still paying attention to my nutrtion though.

So this week besides working I have been sleeping whenever possible and drinking plenty of water. even more water than I would normally do throughout my day. It almost feels like I cant drink enough. Im always thirsty.

in a couple of weeks I will start back up with the bootcamp. since I havent gone this week I am noticing how much I really do miss the workouts that we do.

weight lose wise for the week I cant give you that information right now since I havent been to the gym but next week I will let you know.

Dont think any goal is impossible to reach. some might be harder to reach yes, but you will reach it one day. Keep working hard everyday to get you closer and closer.

I also know that I have a lot of support from everyone and I appreciate it. I know you all are not giving up on me. And I definately am not giving up.I want to lose 80 pounds. I will get this done this year.