Wednesday, March 16, 2011

weightloss update march 16,2011

my boot camp guys recently said it would be a good idea to whomever wanted to to set up there own blog. that way we can track our progress. ups and downs. i am glad i started my blog when i did back november 2008. that way i can look back and see my progress.

last march i was forced to find a new part time job because Hollywood video was closing. I had put plenty of applications out. I then got a call back from scheels all sports. I was then hired to promote their visa credit card. I thought that would be the perfect position for me. considering my past credit problems. A year later i am still succeeding at getting my visa sales. some months are harder than others yes but that is all in the game. each month inset a goal of how many i want to reach then i break it down to a more manageable weekly number of visas to process. Last year that i can remember there was only 1 month (February 20110) that i didn't have the top sales. This year i want to average about 46 applications a month.

with the extra money i earn at scheels i spend it wisely on either boot camp or personal training.

Sunday was my 6Th month mark without having pop for the most part.just recently i did have one at a hockey game. i will say that i didn't enjoy it as much as i used to. even though it was a diet pop it still tasted to syrupy.

i am about to finish my phase of boot camp. his phase i was able to lose a total of 5pounds. i started this phase weighing 263 pounds and now i am down to weighing 258 pounds. i am back on the losing track thank goodness. since i figured last phase i had gained a lot. i think maybe 13 pounds. i gained because i lost focus, my mind got off track, i didn't care but i did. i only went to the first week of camp then i quit because if you remember i had the bronchitis. and that it where i lost it. i am upset that i let this happen. but i have moved on my boot camp guys Joe and Travis and Mike my trainer are here to help me get things under control i just need to speak up. i have started emailing my nutrition to Joe again. you know that really makes you think about what you are going to eat for the most part before you eat it.

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