Thursday, March 24, 2011

thursday march 24,2011 bootcamp update.

as of last night for now i will not be doing bootcamp for litle while. i know i am not going on to the next phase for sure. i was talking to joe and travis last night they think for right now it would be best if i not come back to bootcamp until all my different injuries are healed. and i can prove that i want to succeed in their system. since i havent lost much weight and havent changed my nutrition consistanly. i keep on doing the yo yo up and down affect. which realisticly doesnt work. and i dont know why i keep doing it. i have a lot of useful tools at my fingertips i just need to use them. i was really dissapointed that it happened now since i am coming off a 6 pound loss. but then i also have to think to myself in general they have tried very hard for a long time to coach me. so it is on my shoulders.and with me comming off the last phase with a loss i know i still have the power and the drive to continue to want to lose. so in all actuallity deep down i know it was good timing. i see in my future i will be back doing their bootcamp system.

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