Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saturday August 15,09 Weight Loss Updae

It has been awhile since i have updated all of you guys. So here it goes. Thanks again for all your support.

Well this past week was pretty fun and exciting, and adventurous. My aunt and uncle celebrated there 50 Th wedding anniversary. Then they had a surprise 40Th birthday party for their daughter since everybody was in town.

It was so nice to see everybody that was able to come from out of town. A lot of people have not seen how much I have changed in the past year. They were all amazed and excited for me.

Then I also went out of town to see a Friend that lives in Naponee, Ne. A small town close to Minden, NE. Believe me we had a wonderful time together.However, If you are working as hard as I have been at losing weight and getting healthier I would not recommend drinking as much as I did. But o well. We also went tubing down the republican river. It took about 4 hours. That was my first time. I would do that again in a heart beat.

Well for the week I did gain 2.2 pounds. I now weigh 240.8 pounds. I have lost 102 pounds at weight watchers and a total of 114 pounds since May 2008. There are times that I am upset when I gain and then there are times it doesn't bother me. This time it didn't bother me all things considering. I feel lucky that it wasn't more. One of the hard things though was fessing up to Mike my trainer why I had gained.

Now that that weekend and week is over it is time once again to get back on track again.

Saturday August 8,09 weightloss update

I lost 1.0 pound

Saturday 8-1-09 Weight Loss update

I gained 3.4 pounds

Saturday July 25,09 weight Loss update

I lost .4 pounds this week