Monday, March 21, 2011

march 21,2011 injury update

well I have an injury update. Last week I noticed my big toe hurt a little bit while putting my shoes on. Then Wednesday afternoon it started to hurt more when I walked. Then Thursday while I was at boot camp I thought I had some type of big toe cramp. The pain had drastically increased. I did the best i could during the workout. Then throughout the day the pain never went away. so I decided I better have it looked at. so I went to an urgent care center Thursday night and they took xrays. I found out that I had broke my big toe.

Since August 2008 I have had my share of injuries. I have broke my pinkie finger, knee issues,heel spur and plantar fascists, and now a broken big toe.

I was asked recently with all these different injuries I have had is it worth it? My answer is HECK YES. You may be asking WHY? Do I want to continue to live my life unhappy with no energy and extremely overweight? Or do I want to live my life Happy and full of energy and weigh less?

I have chosen to improve my life and focus on me by trying to lose weight. No matter what hurdles come up in life. I have so much more energy, drive, and will power than I used to.

The way I see it injuries are going to happen throughout life. The best thing I have learned is that when you get injured you need to rest and recover. Then when you start back up exercising go slow to see what your body can handle. so you don't reinjur yourself.

When you are injured you need to focus real hard on your nutrition. Especially since you aren't buring as many calories throughout the day that your body is used to burinng. If you snack on the crap you will feel like more crap than you already do. It's not worth it.

The next phase of boot camp is starting next week. However, I will not be going this phase Joe and travis think it would be best for me to sit out on this next phase and continue to heal my toe. As much as I know I will miss going they are right. I need to beable to go at 100%. And I know right now im not. so I am hoping to be good to go the next phase.

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