Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday April 20th update

I ended up going to an ear nose and throat DR. to figure out why I have been having a hard time hearing. It turns out that I have Meneirs. Most common symptom is dizziness, and full feeling in your ear. Well My main complaint is when I am in a situation to where I have a lot of background noise i can't hear and i have a full feeling in my ear. Now I do have the dizziness also but it isn't that bad, considering how bad it could be. so I was told to go on a low salt diet and take water pills. I really am not liking the effects of taking the water pills. and trying to drink more water at the same time.

I will say this though I have finally gotten to the point to where I don't have any heel pain and minimal knee pain. It is a wonderful feeling. I have noticed lately that at my part time job at Scheels running around trying to get people to sign up for the credit card the i am starting to get my visa sales back up. I think this is due to I am actually feeling good and not in pain. Thank goodness and its about time.

This past week i saw a 5 pound loss on the scale. I now weigh 253 pounds. really hoping to continue to see the scale going down. looking forward to see what the scale will say next Wednesday.

I think I am up to having about 10 pops in the past 13 weeks.

Hope you all had a great Easter and week.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wednesday april 13,2011 weightloss update

so it is that time of week again to where i go weigh myself. i will say this week i did stay the same.

i am still not satisfied with why i have said in the past why i havent seen much progress over the past year. saturday night i talked to a good friend of mine about things that i have been going through. it was at that time i found out exactly why i havent seen much progress. i began to settle for the 100 pound loss and get to comfortable with my self since i had my divorice, gambling and shopping issues under control.

i figured i have done enough, and i would be happy with maintaining my current weight. even though i really still wanted and want to beable to lose more. once i figured this out i have noticed that i have so much more determination and energy. so this past monday was the restart of bettering my nutrition and getting back on track with my workouts. nutrtition wise i have focused on a variety of things 1)not eating through a window 2) planning my meals out 3)counting my calories 4) when i have the munchies i have been drinking water. i have also gone 10 weeks with having about 9 pops. the last couple times when i have had one i have actually gotten a headache from it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday April 6th 2011 update

well this past week wasn't a weight loss. i did end up gaining 3 pounds this week.i now weigh 258.
did have some issues going on though.

last weekend i ended up going to my state dental meeting. one of the topics i listened to was the Role of Nutrition and cancer.

Here is the summary of that.

-eat a variety of vegetables and fruits everyday (rainbow of colors)
-emphasize fish, poultry and non animal sources of protein

-limit red meat to 18 ounces per week, avoid processed meats

-limit salt in the diet

-limit alcohol consumption

-limit saturated fats

-limit foods high in calories, low in fiber, and high in fat

-maintain a healthy body weight and get regular exercise

-stay up to date on cancer screenings for early detection

-get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night

#2-be grateful, be hopeful, stay connected and laugh often

#1-QUIT EATING THROUGH A WINDOW. for the most part not many healthy foods are served through windows.

wednesday March 30th

I know I am a week behind with this update but here it goes.

this week i did end up losing 2 pounds. I now weigh 255 pounds. i am liking how the numbers are finally going down down.

i am finally able to workout again after having the gout in my big toe.