Sunday, June 12, 2011

thursday june 9, 2011 weightloss update

this week is # 2 since i started weight watchers and the body by vi shakes. i lost 2.6 pounds. i now weigh 260 pounds. in the 2 weeks i am down 7.6 pounds total. I am half way to getting my 100 pounds lost again.:)

At the beginning of this week my ankle was still bothering me so i continued to take my workouts to the pool. By the end of the week it was all good. The recovery time was shorter this time round because i didn't wait until i was in severe pain like i have in the past to rest.

this next week in a half i know i have to concentrate real hard on nutrition considering i will be celebrating often. i need to put the knowledge that i have learned into action. because at the end of this week and next week i don't want to come back with gaining weight. I'm better than that. Just because i have a lot of fun things planned doesn't mean that my nutrition needs to turn into crap.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday June 3, 2011 Weightloss update.

My week 1 of starting weight watchers in combination of Body By Vi shakes is now over.

well it has been great not having to recover from any injuries lately. However that changed last weekend. I ended up doing something to my ankle. All I know is that it hurts and is a little swollen but it's starting to feel better.

In the past when I have had an injury I would keeping doing my same exercise routine until I couldn't handle the pain anymore. Then I would finally throttle back and see if I needed to have it looked at. Depending on the situation. However, this time I actually listened to my body and stopped and found an alternative exercise solution. So I started swimming laps at the pool.

I think this is the first time in awhile to where I didn't use an EXCUSE to get out of working out:) I figured I could dwell on the fact that I shouldn't do the workouts that I want to do. Or I could just find an alternative and do that. So I went to the pool at the gym.

With that said I had a great 1st week of weight watchers combined with Body By Vi shakes. I lost 5 pounds. I know weigh 262 pounds.

What worked this week was tracking and when I wanted something that wasn't that nutritional I gave it a lot more thought. Do I really want to waste my points on this when I could have this for less points and it will be better nutritionally for me. An example that i got in the habbit of lately. Icecream. so I would go to cold stone creamery get a medium peanutbutter perfection. holly crap. Then I started weight watchers and got a dining out book and looked it up. Well I found out that a medium chocolate cake batter is 23 points without the extra crap. I can have 40 points. so there you go lesson learned if you want icecream get the personal blue bunny ones and if i remember right they are 5 points.

Now that I had a great first week it's time to move forward and start this week like it was my first and I haven't lost any weight.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday May 27th,2011

Just a heads up. I know I haven't posted anything to my blog in quite awhile. however i am in the process of writing a long post. i will have it posted sometime this weekend with different things that im doing.

Sunday May 29,1011 weightloss update

It's all about life style change.

When you hurt enough you will be ready to except you need to change what is going wrong. I have been told that plenty of times lately but never thought much about what that meant until Thursday May 26Th, 2011. I want my 100 pounds lost back. I will get it back to. That's all I will say for now.

In my current situation it would be my weight loss up and down journey. Lately however weight gain.

When I first started changing my nutrition and exercise routines August 2008 I started weight watchers and used my gym membership.

I remember while working out I would be walking around with my big and bulky portable CD player. Wishing this whole time I would have an i pod. As time went on I kept complaining to everyone I don't care about cost I am buying an i pod. I was told no you don't need that right now. You have other things to be worrying about. So needless to say I didn't go out and buy one. shocking I know.

March 2009, I was working one Sunday morning at Hollywood video and before the store opened my family came and surprised me. At that time I was close to losing my first 100 pounds. Well they went together and got me a hot pink i pod shuffle and had it engraved. (100 AND BEYOND! WAY TO GO BECKY). I remember that moment all the time of how excited I was. To A) reach 100 pounds lost. B) get an i pod.

Since then I have kept that 100 pounds off. I have dropped more here and there but over time i gained it back. Over time i ended up quitting weight watchers. Since I knew the program I thought I would be OK to stop going.

Over the past 3 to 4 months i became depressed for whatever reasons And started gaining weight again. But I'm still in denial at this time of what I am doing. I just keep thinking tomorrow I will have a better nutritional day. Well tomorrow comes and goes. I didn't change anything. A week passes by its time to weigh again. I have gained. The circle starts again.

I am at that point that I no longer have lost 100 pounds. I have gained 13 pounds just recently. For now I have given my i pod to a coworker that I trust at the dental office to hold on to it until I reach that 100 pound mark. I know it sounds strange to do that. But I felt that it was necessary to do at this time.

I asked Mike Wednesday May 25,2011 that afternoon sometime when I'm at the gym will you help me LIFT 100 pounds? He asked LIFT or LOSE 100 pounds? I said LIFT. Since i had started gaining weight again. I wanted to see what it was like lifting and walking with that extra 100 pounds on me. But, Then after he asked that question it got me thinking more. I NEED TO CHANGE WHAT I AM DOING NUTRITIONALLY. ITS NOT WORKING. and i also need to lose more weight. Little did Mike know what he was asking would get me on this mission. Instead of waiting until next week when I get to the gym. When I was working Friday night at Scheels i decided to go ahead and lift 90 pounds. Because that was the heaviest weight I could find at that time to lift. I was amazed how heavy that actually felt. And just think that is what I used to be walking around with daily with no choice.

Thursday May 26, 2011 during lunch I decided to go online and see when there was weight watchers meetings. I found a time that worked out perfect. Next thing I know I was walking through those doors once again. I am ready to make the change which is well over needed. I weighed in at 267 pounds. That is unacceptable Next week needs to be a loss.

After my Weight Watcher meeting I proceeded to go to my gamblers anonymous group meeting. There is this Blue little book that is called A DAY AT A TIME. We always have someone in the group read the reading of the day aloud. Me personally I randomly read it from day to day. This reading got personal to me because now I am going back to weight watchers. The reading was all about asking for help. Here it goes.

I know today I will not have to proceed on my own. I've learned that its safer, more sensible and surer to move forward with friends who are going in the same direction as I. None should feel shame for asking for help, since we all help each other. Its no more a sign of weakness to use help in recovering from an addiction than it is to use a crutch if I have a broken leg. To those who need it, and to those who see its use fullness, a crutch is a beautiful thing.


God make me see that it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help, that the camaraderie of the group is what makes it work for each of us.

Help is as near my telephone, computer, or meeting

I will post an update of a loss or gain next weekend. I don't weight in until Thursday night. Thanks again for your support. Have a great night.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday April 20th update

I ended up going to an ear nose and throat DR. to figure out why I have been having a hard time hearing. It turns out that I have Meneirs. Most common symptom is dizziness, and full feeling in your ear. Well My main complaint is when I am in a situation to where I have a lot of background noise i can't hear and i have a full feeling in my ear. Now I do have the dizziness also but it isn't that bad, considering how bad it could be. so I was told to go on a low salt diet and take water pills. I really am not liking the effects of taking the water pills. and trying to drink more water at the same time.

I will say this though I have finally gotten to the point to where I don't have any heel pain and minimal knee pain. It is a wonderful feeling. I have noticed lately that at my part time job at Scheels running around trying to get people to sign up for the credit card the i am starting to get my visa sales back up. I think this is due to I am actually feeling good and not in pain. Thank goodness and its about time.

This past week i saw a 5 pound loss on the scale. I now weigh 253 pounds. really hoping to continue to see the scale going down. looking forward to see what the scale will say next Wednesday.

I think I am up to having about 10 pops in the past 13 weeks.

Hope you all had a great Easter and week.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wednesday april 13,2011 weightloss update

so it is that time of week again to where i go weigh myself. i will say this week i did stay the same.

i am still not satisfied with why i have said in the past why i havent seen much progress over the past year. saturday night i talked to a good friend of mine about things that i have been going through. it was at that time i found out exactly why i havent seen much progress. i began to settle for the 100 pound loss and get to comfortable with my self since i had my divorice, gambling and shopping issues under control.

i figured i have done enough, and i would be happy with maintaining my current weight. even though i really still wanted and want to beable to lose more. once i figured this out i have noticed that i have so much more determination and energy. so this past monday was the restart of bettering my nutrition and getting back on track with my workouts. nutrtition wise i have focused on a variety of things 1)not eating through a window 2) planning my meals out 3)counting my calories 4) when i have the munchies i have been drinking water. i have also gone 10 weeks with having about 9 pops. the last couple times when i have had one i have actually gotten a headache from it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday April 6th 2011 update

well this past week wasn't a weight loss. i did end up gaining 3 pounds this week.i now weigh 258.
did have some issues going on though.

last weekend i ended up going to my state dental meeting. one of the topics i listened to was the Role of Nutrition and cancer.

Here is the summary of that.

-eat a variety of vegetables and fruits everyday (rainbow of colors)
-emphasize fish, poultry and non animal sources of protein

-limit red meat to 18 ounces per week, avoid processed meats

-limit salt in the diet

-limit alcohol consumption

-limit saturated fats

-limit foods high in calories, low in fiber, and high in fat

-maintain a healthy body weight and get regular exercise

-stay up to date on cancer screenings for early detection

-get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night

#2-be grateful, be hopeful, stay connected and laugh often

#1-QUIT EATING THROUGH A WINDOW. for the most part not many healthy foods are served through windows.

wednesday March 30th

I know I am a week behind with this update but here it goes.

this week i did end up losing 2 pounds. I now weigh 255 pounds. i am liking how the numbers are finally going down down.

i am finally able to workout again after having the gout in my big toe.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

thursday march 24,2011 bootcamp update.

as of last night for now i will not be doing bootcamp for litle while. i know i am not going on to the next phase for sure. i was talking to joe and travis last night they think for right now it would be best if i not come back to bootcamp until all my different injuries are healed. and i can prove that i want to succeed in their system. since i havent lost much weight and havent changed my nutrition consistanly. i keep on doing the yo yo up and down affect. which realisticly doesnt work. and i dont know why i keep doing it. i have a lot of useful tools at my fingertips i just need to use them. i was really dissapointed that it happened now since i am coming off a 6 pound loss. but then i also have to think to myself in general they have tried very hard for a long time to coach me. so it is on my shoulders.and with me comming off the last phase with a loss i know i still have the power and the drive to continue to want to lose. so in all actuallity deep down i know it was good timing. i see in my future i will be back doing their bootcamp system.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wednesday march 23,2011 update

next week i see my primary care dr. to follow up with my current toe issue and see what is actually going on. i was originally told that it looked broke on the xray but then when a radiologist looked at it it wasnt. one thing i do know is there is still alot of pain. but if i keep up with the pain meds which and continuei know soon i will problly start having stomach problems and to wear a specific shoe im good to go. one of the hardest thing for me to do is rest it. I did end up bowling last night which i know isnt the best thing to do but i am on a league and i couldnt find someone to bowl for me. dispight my toe issue i had a good night bowling. I bowl an average of 128.

this past week i did end up losing 1 pound. i now weigh 257.