Saturday, January 3, 2009

This is from Adam my old trainer


It was a Saturday in August the first time I saw you come into 24 hour fitness. I could tell you seemed really nervous about coming in. You came in and asked to see a personal trainer, and at that moment I was the only trainer available. You said to me that you wanted to lose weight, I believed you. I have to admit I was really nervous about training you because I didn't know how limited you were toward all of the workouts. In the beginning, I could tell you had a long way to go considering stepping up and down on a single step was one of your hardest workouts for you. I was really watching your footing as well considering you had injured it in the pass. I have to admit even though the simplest workouts were challenging for you it was your attitude that I loved, and that helped me out as well. It was your attitude that made me believe that you do have the character to reach a goal of 160 pounds. Looking at you now compared to when I first met you, you an entirely different person, a Happy person. With your divorce and weight loss, it's a long process to get where you want. It's almost as if you're sucking out all the poison in your life and turning yourself into the person you want to become. Just think it was hard for you to step up and down on one step for one minute in the beginning, and now you're on the stair stepper for 5 minutes. Just think by spring you're gonna be not just speed walking, but even jogging on the treadmill. I am completely stoked to see the woman you're about to become, and I am completely thrilled to see the process of it.


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Anonymous said...

Adam, what you do. We need more trainers like you that are in it for the right reasons. Instead of just to make money. Your really in it to help on a more personal level. God bless you for what you do !!!

- Melinda