Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday January 17,2009. Weight Loss update

November 29,2008 I first started this website. I think it was a very good idea for me to do this. I am in the process of writing a new and improved success story testimonial for 24 hour fitness. So here it goes.

I was that person that was very unhappy and depressed and overweight. How also kept those fast food restaurants in business. Not any more though. I am finding out my body can't handle certain foods anymore without fighting back. I look back now and think of everything I have done and gone through to get where I am today. I am not that unhappy, depressed person anymore. I have so much more spark in myself. Even I can't believe it at times.

Yes I am still overweight but I am working on that one minute, hour, day at a time. Since I started this life changing journey in September 2008. With going to weight watchers and 24 hour fitness I have lost a total of 71.4 pounds and a total of 83.4 pounds since May.

In the beginning it was hard for me to accept all the compliments that I have gotten from everyone. By now It is so much easier. I am enjoying hearing then also.

By now I have met plenty of milestones. For example:

1) Walking through those big doors. (8/23/08)
2) I lost my first 10 % of my starting weight. (10/11/08)
3) Then I reached my next goal of weighing under 300 pounds. (11/8/08)
4) I have lost 20 % of my starting weight. (1/10/09)
5) Don't forget between May and September I lost 12 pounds.

I am enjoying being able to afford personal training time at 24 hour fitness. Jill is very motivational to me. I feel she explains thing well to me.

I could not have done all this work without the support from everyone that I have. Thanks again guys. I just keep going on with everything like the energizer bunny.

I ended up losing 2.6 pounds this week. I have now lost 71.4 pounds since September. And 83.4 pounds since May. I now weigh 271.8 pounds. When I first started this journey I didn't know what to expect of myself. Now I am just amazed of how far I have come.

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