Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday June 3, 2011 Weightloss update.

My week 1 of starting weight watchers in combination of Body By Vi shakes is now over.

well it has been great not having to recover from any injuries lately. However that changed last weekend. I ended up doing something to my ankle. All I know is that it hurts and is a little swollen but it's starting to feel better.

In the past when I have had an injury I would keeping doing my same exercise routine until I couldn't handle the pain anymore. Then I would finally throttle back and see if I needed to have it looked at. Depending on the situation. However, this time I actually listened to my body and stopped and found an alternative exercise solution. So I started swimming laps at the pool.

I think this is the first time in awhile to where I didn't use an EXCUSE to get out of working out:) I figured I could dwell on the fact that I shouldn't do the workouts that I want to do. Or I could just find an alternative and do that. So I went to the pool at the gym.

With that said I had a great 1st week of weight watchers combined with Body By Vi shakes. I lost 5 pounds. I know weigh 262 pounds.

What worked this week was tracking and when I wanted something that wasn't that nutritional I gave it a lot more thought. Do I really want to waste my points on this when I could have this for less points and it will be better nutritionally for me. An example that i got in the habbit of lately. Icecream. so I would go to cold stone creamery get a medium peanutbutter perfection. holly crap. Then I started weight watchers and got a dining out book and looked it up. Well I found out that a medium chocolate cake batter is 23 points without the extra crap. I can have 40 points. so there you go lesson learned if you want icecream get the personal blue bunny ones and if i remember right they are 5 points.

Now that I had a great first week it's time to move forward and start this week like it was my first and I haven't lost any weight.

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