Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday Demember 20,2008 Weight Loss update

Sorry it took me a little while you update you all. I have been a little side tracked.

Well I made it through another holiday week full of a lot of different treats being delivered to the dental office. I have noticed that I am thinking more about is this really worth me eating this certain treat or not. When I see a certain treat siting there I will walk away from it at first, and find something else to do before Ijust jump right into eating it. Then most likely regretting it later that I just ate whatever.

Now last week I did end up gaining some weight. However it was only .8 of a pound. I am at 57 pounds since and September and 69 pounds lost since May. I now weigh 286.2 pounds.

I know when i first started this web site that I mentioned that I was going through some life changes. Well, besides the weight issues I have been going through other problems. (1) gambling issues. I love the penny slot machines especially the ones that have bonus rounds, Scratch tickets, keno. I have self banned myself from the casinos for life. I am now going to weekly GA meetings. It has been 7 weeks now for me without any type of gambling it has been wonderful. I will say there are times that I think about it plenty of times. But, I have gotten this far and I don't want to start from day 1 again. I focus 1 day at a time. (2) Shopping issues. I love to shop and buy whatever will make me happy at that second. In most cases a day or a week later I have forgotten all about some of the items. You can only do those thing for so long before you realize you now are having financial problems. Which totally with every thing combined only makes you feel even better about your life. One safe thing I thought I had was eating and not exercising. well we all know where that lead me exactly to the person that I was in May and not the person that I am today. A much happier and healthier person. I understand it took awhile to get the way I was and it will take awhile to lose all the excess wait. But I will get through it the best way that i can.

I am so happy that I have taken all the pictures that I have this far. Me doing this web site has also helped a lot too. It has helped to get my feelings about things out and to hear and see how many people out there are cheering me through all of this. I did learn something last week. I have been going through every other week counseling. I have been dismissed from treatment until further notice. I was also told that my counselor is available anytime and to call or e-mail when I need to. And NOT to wait until things get out of control like they were.

I can't wait for the holidays to get here. I want to see whoever I can to show then how much I have changed since the last time they saw me. I feel kinda like a baby. Instead of people oohing and awing over how much a baby has grown since the last time they saw it. But how much I have shrunk since the last time they have seen me.

Well I have one last other thing to talk about tonight. My first workout injury. I really hope the last. well yesterday Saturday morning at 8:00 AM. Before weight watchers I was at the gym working out. I was using the medicine ball. I was in the gym throwing the ball against the wall and picking it up and throwing it again. My left pinkie finger got in the way. I thought I had jammed it. So I quit doing that. I went and did the treadmill for awhile. I then moved on throughout the day. My finger was starting to hurt,swell,and bruise more. So I decided to go to mid west minor medical before I go out for the night around 4:30 or 5:00PM. when I got their they took x rays and then the DR. came back and told me that I had broken 3 bones in my pinkie finger. I now have to wear a split of 6 weeks. I learned real quick that putting gloves on over the splint and finger feels real good. Hurts like heck. I then bought some mittens much better. Working Monday at the dental office should be pretty exciting and interesting.

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