Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday December 6,08 weight loss update.

I am very excited and proud of myself. I was out of town last weekend. Friday after Thanksgiving. So I didn't get to Weight Watchers last week. Today I weighed in for 2 weeks. I really wasn't sure how this Saturday was going to go. With being Thanksgiving, and going out of town. Well I am happy to say I lost 5.8 pounds for the 2 weeks. So that is a total of 67 pounds since May and 55 pounds since I started my journey. I now weigh 288.0 pounds.

With me going through this weight loss journey and talking to everyone about it I have noticed that some people around me are paying more attention to what they are eating and exercising more often. In the past 2 weeks I have gotten one of my friends Michelle to join Weight Watchers and today she joined 24 hour fitness. Way to go.


Anonymous said...

Go Girl! It's your old pal, Karen Guliani from Naples, Florida. Just received your Christmas card and letter today. Our greetings just passed each other in the mail!

I am so proud of you. What an accomplishment! Keep it going - it is well worth it. From your blog and letter I hear a happier, healthier and prettier Becky!

What I found is that during parties or Holiday gatherings - most people are too busy noticing what they eat - to notice what you are not eating. So just sip a diet soda and smile!

By the way - Vinny is doing great - one more year of college - he's aiming for a 12/19/09 graduation!

I'll be watching your progress - this is so exciting! Karen

Anonymous said...

Way to go Beck! I love that you have a blog. I look forward to watching you move forward on your journey. How exciting!

Keep up the great work!