Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wednesday april 13,2011 weightloss update

so it is that time of week again to where i go weigh myself. i will say this week i did stay the same.

i am still not satisfied with why i have said in the past why i havent seen much progress over the past year. saturday night i talked to a good friend of mine about things that i have been going through. it was at that time i found out exactly why i havent seen much progress. i began to settle for the 100 pound loss and get to comfortable with my self since i had my divorice, gambling and shopping issues under control.

i figured i have done enough, and i would be happy with maintaining my current weight. even though i really still wanted and want to beable to lose more. once i figured this out i have noticed that i have so much more determination and energy. so this past monday was the restart of bettering my nutrition and getting back on track with my workouts. nutrtition wise i have focused on a variety of things 1)not eating through a window 2) planning my meals out 3)counting my calories 4) when i have the munchies i have been drinking water. i have also gone 10 weeks with having about 9 pops. the last couple times when i have had one i have actually gotten a headache from it.

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2 Chicks On Weight Watchers said...

wow you are a truly amazing and inspirational woman. I do not know what to say except congratulations on your amazing strength and on your weight loss. Starting your diet and sticking to it when everything else seemed to be crashing down on you just shows us all how strong you are. Again congrats that is amazing. I have been looking for weight watchers bloggers and I cam across your blog Im glad I did. You are def. a great inspiration and a great motivation to keep moving forward. Good luck as always and keep me updated if you will. Also I hope everything gets betters for you. -Kim-