Thursday, June 25, 2009

Saturday June 20,2009 weightloss update

This week I had some different things going on.

With me gaining weight last week, I started the new week off pretty dissappointed in myself. I will say this I have come this far and I will continue my journey

Sunday June 14, 2009. I celebrated my 33rd birthday. It was a good day. I sit back and think how far I have come even from this time last year to today. It is so amazing that I was able to turn my life around so quickly.

I did have my measurements taken on Thursday June 18, 2009. With me doing my measurements this month there wasn't much of a change. considering all the ups and downs that I have had this past month. I did end up gaining 3 pounds overall for the month

When I was scheduling with Mike to do my measurements i kept of procrastinating on having them taken. By the time I finally did the measurements i was starting to run out of time. After we did the measurements. I was disappointed in the outcome. I was hoping they would have been more of change. But for the most part everything stayed the same except for the weight. I was walking back to the locker room to get my I Pod when Mike was trying to talk to me but I just kept walking away. I really didn't want to talk to him or anymore else. however, that didn't work out that well. he got my attention and we talked about things. Next thing I new he was offering to meet me at the gym on Friday to workout together. I thought that was really nice. I am hoping that maybe in the future we can do that again. It made the workout time spent go by faster having someone to workout with.

something that I need to work on is my eating and drinking routine on Faraday's. Considering I am always worried on Friday's. I never want to eat or drink much after about 3 pm. that way I know it should be out of my system by the time I weigh in on Saturday mornings. That is the next thing I am going to talk to Mike about.

well this week once again I did end up gaining again for the week. However, this time it was only .8 pounds. I can handle that. I am just wondering what the outcome will be in 2 weeks.

I know for sure that I will not be able to make my weight watcher meeting on Saturday. I will be actually out of town. I will be enjoying myself in Hawaii.

I have learned another great thing about losing all the weight that I have. That would be with flying. In the past I wouldn't be able to buckle my seat belt. depending on who I was traveling with I would eight act like I have my seat belt on or I would just at the flight attendant for a seat belt extender. With this time I didn't have to worry about doing that at all. I was actually able to use the regular one and be able to tighten it up.

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