Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday February 28,2009 Weight Loss Update

This week was pretty exciting and kinda scary.

The scary part was on Monday afternoon. I got a message from Jill my trainer from 24 hour fitness. In that message it said that she had quit 24 hour fitness. Which means that I will also be getting yet another personal trainer. This is my 3rd trainer that I have had since I started my journey back in September 2008. The longer i go through this journey I am actually starting to like the opportunity to working out with different trainers. My new trainers name is Mike.

The exciting things this week.
) I have not gambled now for 4 months.
) without gambling I was able to save up some extra money. With that extra money I was able to get a laptop computer.

This week I lost 7 pounds. I now weigh 257.8 pounds. I have lost 85.4 pounds since September. I have also lost 97.4 pounds since May.


Joannie said...


Remember Thursday night I said "you look different tonight". Well, you were different - 7 pounds lighter. I had a feeling.

You continue to amaze us with your determination. Remember you are doing this for YOU and we're always here to support you.

love, mom and dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky ! When I saw you at blockbusters I had to do a double take because you looked so different from the last time I saw you. I want to get where your at one of these days. You look so beautiful keep up with hard work your doing I'm so proud of you. ---- MELINDA : )