Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25,2010 update


Can you actually believe what you are seeing? Yes you can it is a long over due update. However never to late to update you on everything that has been going on since February 2010.

First of all, time has just passed by so quickly. I kept telling myself over and over tomorrow I need to update my blog. then tomorrow turned into a week, then next thing i knew a month then turned into months.

Since my last post I have had a lot going on. Some good some not so good. I quit weight watchers, got better health insurance, found out that Hollywood video my part time job ended up closing, found a new part time job, knee problems, gained some weight back, and then rejoined weight watchers.

To be honest with you once winter set in I decided because of financial reasons that I had to quit weight watchers because I really wanted a garage. That way I didn't have to get up so early to scrape my car off. Now the more I think about it I should have found a way to afford both. But that is OK. I also wanted to try to continue my journey on my own.

weight loss wise since January overall I thought I was doing pretty good until just recently I actually looked back to see where I was and where I am today. I have realize that I have gained some since my last weight watcher meeting. So today Tuesday May 25, 2010 I picked that phone back up and called weight watchers right up and got joined up again. I will be going to my first meeting tomorrow Wednesday May 26,2010. I am happy that I decided to get a grip on life and go for it again. I will say this as long as I have been on this journey that going to weight watcher meetings are the best thing. Meetings make it. It makes you even more accountable of your actions.

Health insurance= for the first time in a long time I am able to have a long term insurance policy of my own. I can't remember the last time that was possible. It feels really good.

Jobs= I found out that Hollywood video was closing. which was my part time job. I knew I needed to find another job right away. Especially not knowing when the last day would come. In the mean time I was able to land a job at Scheels all sports. OK, so if you know about my past you will laugh at what I am doing now. I am the Scheels visa kiosk specialist. Which means that when you walk into Scheels I try and succeed to get you as the customer to sign up for the scheels visa credit card. When I got this job at Scheels I ended up working my butt off. At times I didn't know if I was coming or going. I struggled to work 3 jobs and get to the gym. I wanted to work at Hollywood until the very end and I did. But thank goodness it is over, and now I only have my usual 2 jobs.

knee problems= I was in denial that there was something wrong with my left knee. I ended up not telling my Dr about it until sometime February 2010. Instead of September 2009. When it first started hurting. After I told my DR. I procrastinated to take the next step until sometime in March 2010. The reason I finally had it looked at was because in the past I could handle doing 6 miles at once on the elliptical and then I could only get through about 1/2 mile without a lot of pain. Whenever I had to walk up steps I would look up to the top and cringe and think I can do this. forget about doing squats and lunges. That next step was to get an MRI done on it. Once I did that I was told that I needed to see an Orthopedic DR. I was told that my knee was pointed outward instead of being straight. And some other minor things. I had to have a steroid shot, wear a brace and go through physical therapy. With talking to my physical therapist about my past weight and my weight loss journey she also told me that both my knees are the same but I just haven't had any pain yet in my right knee. As of today May 25,2010 I can now go up steps without pain. While exercising I still wear my brace for right now. But I can for the most part do everything without pain with the exception of jumping yet. But I know with time I will be able to do that also. I am so happy that this has all helped and I don't need to go through surgery at this time.

The top 10 Different things I keep in mind that I have either learned from GA, or my old trainers or Biggest loser

1) My best intentions is what got me here
2) H.O.W. = Honesty Openmindlessness Willing
3) We have to treat the past with respect because once it was all humanly possible
4) Stand up and finish what you started
5) Good job!!! Now lets keep going NO set backs
6) Your in control of your own destiny
7) NO MATTER what circumstances come around I need to learn to pick myself up and go for it
8) You can't blame any weight gain on anyone else or situation except for yourself
9) One year from now do you want to see yourself HAPPY, walking trails, maybe riding a bicycle, enjoying life? Or do you still think you'll be stuck in an unhappy situation? Its all in your own hands
10) TAKE CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just recently I got back from an awesome vacation visiting my cousin in San Francisco. The trip started off really good once I boarded the plane. the regular seat belt fit. But not only did it fit but there was so much left at the end. :):):):):). The different things that we ended up doing I would have struggled a lot walking around If I hadn't lost the weight or get my knee looked at. It was a vacation to remember. Thanks again:):)

:( sorry guys it took me so long to get back on my blog. You all have been so great with all your support that you have given me. I know I have been told that I am an inspiration. What I feel is that when I started this journey I am going to go all the way and get done what needs to be done and want to accomplish. Even though I have lost so much weight, and look totally different from before I struggle realizing how little I am. But It is getting easier.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's about time you updated your blog. It's important for you to journal your success, where you've been and where you're headed. Still so proud of you! and always will be. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Your mother left that previous message.