Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday September 12,2009 weight loss update

Well this week I found out that Mike my 3rd trainer has now quit 24 hour fitness. I knew it would be soon. Considering my track record. But it was fun while it lasted. I have learned a lot from him. trainer # 1 Adam I lost 45 pounds. Trainer #2 Jill I lost 34 pounds. Trainer #3 Mike I lost 25 pounds. Each trainer that I had I noticed that the longer i had then The less weight I lost during that time. But, I do see it that after you lose so much so quickly it takes longer to lose eventually.

I look forward to moving on with my adventure of losing weight. I figure I am more than half way to my goal. It is amazing what I can do today physically compared to what I could do this time last year. There is no way this time last year I would even be thinking about doing the corporate cup run 6.2 mile. But here I am today i am going to do it. I got my information in the mail that I need. Now i just need Sunday September 20,2009 to get here.

Well weight loss wise this week wasn't that good. I ended up gaining 2.4 pounds. I will work hard to get it off this week.

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