Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday October 14,2009 weight loss update

Wow. Time flies when you are having fun and staying plenty busy. I can't believe how long it really has been since I last updated my BLOG. sorry guys.

I am finally, well I would hope by now over my bronchitis and all moved in my new apartment. It also has been a little over a year now since I last gambled.

For my workouts they pretty much have been off and on. I am on a more consistant schedule now thank goodness. For a while I was missing a lot of time at the gym. I am back on track now though. Just recently I ended up quiting 24 hour fitness and switching to another gym Urban Active. I kinda felt bad leaving 24 hour considering how long I was a member there but overall I am happy that I made the change. I decided to change gyms so I would be able to talk to my old trainer Mike more often about my weight loss goals and get his help. One thing I do feel bad about is that my mom joined 24 hour fitness and now I am no longer a member. But I know off and on I can always be her guest at 24 hour.

So far I have lost 106.4 pounds through weight watchers and the gym and a total of 118 pounds. Since May 2008. Just recently I bought a new pair of jeans and I was able to go down another size. That was really exciting.

Well have a good week everyone.
Thanks again