Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday January 29,2010 weight loss update

This morning I ended up doing measurements for the month. I did end up losing 13 pounds for the month.

I lost 4.2 pounds for the week. I have now lost a total of 142.2 pounds. I now weigh 226 pounds. I can't remeber the last time I weighed that. It has been a long long while. I am getting so close to that 200 pound mark. It is crazy. I thought I was excited when i got under 300 WOW. I wonder how I will be when that happens.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

October 31,2009 to January 22,2010

I know it has been like forever since I last updated this. But, here I am giving you all the updates I am sure you have been waiting for. I might not have been keeping you all updated but I have been still plugging away day by day pound by pound. Trying to get to my ultimate goal of losing a total of 200 pounds. From start to finish. Right now I have lost 114 pounds through weight watchers and a total of 126 pounds since May 2008.

I really enjoy seeing anybody and everybody that hasn't seen me in a while. They are always amazed how much I have shrunk since the last time they saw me.

This past weekend I bought new scrub pants. Which I have needed to buy for some time now. But, have just waited. I started out wearing a 5X, 3X, and now XL. I have been either in the past 12 years in dental assisting school or working my full time job. I have never been able to wear an XL in scrub pants:). I have also noticed that I am getting to the point depending on the clothing style the plus size clothes are getting to be to big.

I have decided to quit going to weight watchers at this time. I have learned the knowledge. I still get the weight watcher emails. I feel that I will be able to continue and succeed. Without going to the meetings. I know for a fact if I start to go down the wrong path again. April my old water aerobics instructor, or Mike my old trainer will be able to help me get back on the right path.

Besides working out at the gym I have also enjoyed playing the Nintendo WII. I just recently bought the Biggest Loser Video game. Along with the Sketcher shape up shoes. They feel really weird at first. But once you get used to them they are really comfortable. When you walk around in them it feels like you are walking on a rocking horse.

1 good things come in small packages
2)get water wise
3)herb it up
4)slim down your soup
5)doggie bag that dinner
6)listen to your cravings
7)ease yourself into produce
8)look at high fat hints
9)don't multi task while you eat
10)taste something new
11)leave something on your plate every meal
12)get to know your portion sizes
13)don't give up on dips
14)make a healthy substitution
15)bring lunch to work tomorrow
16)have some dessert
17)ask for what you need
18)improve your treadmill technique (don't hold on)
19)Simon says get fit
20)make the most out of your workouts
21)shop till you drop pounds
22)walk an extra 100 steps at work
23)brush your teeth after you eat something
24)clean your closet
25)take your measurements

10-31-09 I lost 7.6 pounds
11-9-09 i lost 1.4 pounds
11-14-09 I gained 3.6 pounds
11-21-09 I lost 0.4 pounds
11-25-09 I gained 5.4 pounds
12-5-09 I lost 0.6 pounds
12/12/09 I lost 6.0 pounds
12/19/09 I lost 0.4 pounds
12/26/09 I lost 8.4 pounds
1/2/10 I gained 4.8 pounds
1/9/10 I lost 0.2 pounds
1/16/10 I gained 2.0 pounds
1/22/10 I lost 2.8 pounds I now weigh 230.2 pounds I have lost a grand total of 126 pounds. I have also lost 17 inches in my waist.