Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saturday May 23,2009 weight loss update

I know I have not spent much time lately keeping you all updated but here it goes. I am still actively doing everything that I set forth in doing in August. So here it goes.

This week I was planning on going to weight watchers like I normally do every Saturday morning. However, on my way to the gym I noticed I was having some car problems so I dealt with that instead of going to weight watchers this week. I could have gone another day but I have decided to go ahead and wait until next Saturday and go.

I am done with my personal training time for right now at the gym. However, Mike is willing to work up an exercise routine that I work on for about 2 weeks then I go back to him and he changes it. I still go to my water aerobics class.

Here is an update on my milestones that I have reached since coming back to the gym in August 2008. Thank you Adam (my first trainer) for being so motivational for me in the beginning and now. We all wondered how far will I actually go and will I stick with it. Here I am today still at it. Not planning on quiting anytime soon either. I have come so far and so much further yet to go. Thank you also to my other trainers that I have had or have Jill, Mike and April (water aerobics instructor)

8-23-08, 1) walked through those big doors

10-11-08, 2) lost my 1st 10% of my starting weight

11-8-08, 3) weighed under 300 pounds

12-23-08 4) (not a milestone) but I broke my pinkie

1-10-09, 5) lost 20% of my starting weight

4-3-09, 6) weighed under 250 pounds

4-18-09. 7) lost 30% of my starting weight

6-09, 8) losing 100 pounds since August when I started

5-13-09, 8) while doing my monthly measurements I found out that I have now lost 15 inches off my waste. To give you an example of that. when I started in August my dental scrub pant was a 5X. They were actually getting to be to tight. Which I definitely can't wear anymore. I then switched awhile ago to a 3X. Last week I noticed that those were getting to be to big. So I went and bought another new pair. Well I am so amazed but they are XL. They are a little tight but they are wearable.

With losing all this weight. And having more energy, confidence, better self esteem this summer I am in the process of learning how to golf. I have never golfed in my life other than put put. Next month I will be taking a class. I have been out several times to hit balls. Then on memorial day my mom and aunt felt like being adventurous. We went ahead and played golf on a golf course. I did have fun and want to do it again. I am happy to say that I didn't lose a ball like my mom did. Especially on the first hole. However the score needs a lot of improvement 73. But, hay I am learning and the people behind us had plenty of time to rest.

I have also gone now 7 months without gambling. I have so much to look forward to. Rather than waisting my money and time on that. In the PAST my focus was when can I go to the casino next. No matter what that consequence will bring. In most times broke and depressed. That i lost all that money.

This is a life change that is well worth it. And I want to see how far I can go. Like the energizer bunny. I just keep trying to focus one day at a time with everything.

One thing with weight watchers that I need to do better is focus on tracking what I eat throughout the day and week. Instead of trying to remember what I have eaten. Also that way I have a log to look back upon in the future to see what I have found out what worked and what didn't work.

Well have a good week.

Saturday May 16, 2009 weight loss update

this week I lost .08 pounds. i now have lost 98.6 pounds

Saturday May 9,2009 weight loss update

well this week I lost .02 pounds for a total of 97.8 pounds

Friday, May 8, 2009

Saturday, May 2,2009. Weightloss Update

I lost 1.2 pounds this week. I now have lost 97.6 pounds since labor day. I have also lost a total of 110 pounds since May 2009. I now weigh 245.6 pounds.

Saturday, April 25,2009 Weightloss Update

I gained .2 pounds